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At AppNet, we get to know your business, the vision for your company, and obstacles that currently stand in your way. With this understanding, we help you leverage technology to overcome those obstacles and grow your business.

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Managed Services

Managed Services refers to the proactive management and support of a business’s Information Technology (IT) by a Managed Services Provider (an MSP - that’s us!). MSPs offer preemptive and ongoing IT maintenance; this is as opposed to the reactive, you-break-it-we-fix-it services that have been the standard procedure for the past few decades.

Like most established IT companies, AppNet started as a break-fix company - only making money when customers needed repairs. With the growth of Managed Services, our operations now focus on preventing problems before they arise – somewhat like preventative healthcare. Consider us your IT healthcare providers – prescribing monthly maintenance services, but also readily available for support and troubleshooting when necessary. This model contributes to stronger relationships with our clients and has led to far fewer meltdowns. It also reduces our clients’ financial risk of owning their own technology because our Managed Service Agreements include most services and repairs at a fixed rate.

IT Support

IT Support is the foundation of our business and at the core of our services. From installing new computers and network printers to deploying and configuring new servers, we are your one-stop shop for any and all of your technology needs. Every network we design and implement is built from the ground up on the principles of reliability and interoperability and with the success of your business as our reference point. Therefore, we have carefully chosen each vendor and manufacturer to provide the greatest overall products and service offerings available. And yet another benefit of this standardization is that AppNet provides warranty repairs on all of our hardware sales.

Business Continuity Planning

Information technology is a powerful, transformative tool, but it can also be a huge source of anxiety in times of crisis. When hit with a natural disaster or theft of intellectual property, businesses without an IT continuity plan take five times longer to recover, and often times small businesses don’t make it at all. Therefore, we include continuity planning in our consulting services so that businesses can operate with temporary and long-term solutions after an emergency.

Consider this part of your insurance policy: installing backup software so you don’t lose all of your data or accounting information; getting the server back up and running so you can communicate with clients; setting up new computers so you can work remotely. We consult clients on the design and costs of a continuity plan, and of course, support every step of implementation if that plan needs to be executed.

Technology Consulting

One of the most powerful keys to success is visioning. Where do you want to be in five years? In ten years? Creative use of technology can be the fulcrum to launch that vision into successful implementation. It can streamline communications with your teammates; it can simplify the administrative and accounting aspects of your business; it can help redouble your productivity and improve customer relations.

Whether you are building a second office, virtualizing a position for a staff member to work remotely, or considering an upgrade of your line-of-business application, we work with you to create customized solutions for your specific business and vision.

Cloud Services

The “cloud” refers to data servers and online services that are accessible and run on the internet as opposed to directly on your computer. For example, your office may have files that are accessible only on one computer’s desktop; but you may have also stored files on the internet via OneDrive or Dropbox. These latter files, which are accessible to multiple users, are stored in the cloud. But more so than file sharing, the cloud also has a wide range of services to support various aspects of your business, such as internal communications, data management, public relations, or accounting. The cloud has empowered smaller businesses to expand into larger markets with the capacity to store more information at a fraction of the cost; and both small and large businesses are simplifying their data management across multiple sites.

The alternative to the cloud is on-site storage with a company’s own server and independently purchased software, which can be custom designed (and which AppNet also sells and installs). While customized data management allows for flexibility, this option can be rather expensive for smaller enterprises or when companies want to expand to other sites and duplicate their information. Conversely, the cloud provides a standard template from which multiple users can manage information from multiple sites.

At AppNet, we can connect you to the best fit amongst the variety of cloud hosts for different aspects of your operations. We act as the liaison between these hosts to streamline connection and training for your staff, to address any problems that may arise, and to provide maintenance within the host’s services.

Phone Systems

Business phone systems have been revolutionized with amazing features and capabilities. Users now can communicate through video as well as voice, and mobile workers can merge cellular phones into an office phone system. For example, personnel can call internal phone extensions from and to any desk or cell phone in the system; and use those phones to call directly to customers from the main office line. This integration capitalizes on the convenience and flexibility of mobile phones while maintaining personal privacy and all of the controls of an internal office system. AppNet has partnered with Digium and Polycom to offer an entire suite of Unified Communication products to meet the specific needs of your company.

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