Enterprise Technology & Construction

AppNet is dually equipped to provide the customer service of a small business with the expertise and resources of a large IT company. This enables us to deliver a diverse offering of turnkey products and services to businesses of all types and sizes.  

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Structured Wiring

Structured wiring installation refers to running cables to a centralized location, which demands a broad but very distinct skillset. To that end, the AppNet team brings specialization in the following areas: creating detailed designs to maintain aesthetics while maximizing efficiency; construction for cleanly and precisely penetrating walls and ceilings; and a testing and certification process for quality assurance. When hiring AppNet to install structured wiring, you are signing on to work with a team of experts in all three capacities: engineering, technology, and construction.

This is our quality and experiential guarantee: paramount professional service with personal connection. Our certified installations are backed by a fifteen-year warranty that protects your investment and provides assurance that your network will run smoothly.

Wireless Solutions

AppNet offers design, installation, and maintenance for a variety of wireless solutions and to accommodate a range of budgets and infrastructures. We help our clients overcome many of today’s technology obstacles by specializing in the following wireless solutions:

  • Large-scale Wi-Fi systems that enable hundreds of users to connect to one massive wireless network.
  • Point-to-point wireless bridges that connect two separate networks without any wires.
  • Cellular Amplification Systems that provide network connectivity for mobile phones in areas that are typically out of range.

Security Systems

AppNet is your go-to resource for not only network security, but for physical security as well. Call us for design, installation, and maintenance of new and existing security systems. As security technology has matured, systems now integrate routers, cables, and other IT infrastructure like those used in our wireless solutions and structured wiring. This makes us natural experts in installation and upgrades for the more advanced security systems on the market. Furthermore, many of our clients who return for security system support find that they already have a majority of the infrastructure set up and paid for through the other services we have already provided.

We currently offer the following Security System installation and support:

  • Camera Systems with centralized recording to enable reactive and proactive monitoring. We sell, install, and maintain camera systems to cover a wide range of budgets and site requirements.
  • Access Control Systems that allow you to secure entry points to authorized users and to track and record entry and departure. Through the use of biometrics, security codes, access cards, and more, we help monitor and control the flow of personnel through buildings and facilities.

Network Management

For customers who have uptime or service delivery requirements, AppNet provides 24x7 network management through a collection of services. These include Network Monitoring, Threat Detection, Firmware Management, Traffic Shaping, Asset Management, and Physical Security controls. We manage carrier relationships and offer service level agreements and 24x7 help desk support.

Whether you are a small business relying on consistent voice over IP access or a five-hundred student housing facility depending on connectivity for students to study, AppNet is your resource for reliable network management.

Internet Guest Support

AppNet builds top-of-the-line networks for hotels, rentals, and other businesses in the hospitality industry. Knowing that customer service is the foundation of your business, we go a step further to offer tech support not only to you, but to your clients as well. AppNet has a HelpDesk with telephone, email, and remote support for tenants and guests of hospitality service providers. This HelpDesk is designed with an easy-to-use support system to tackle common problems with Internet Connectivity. We help with a wide range of issues such as configuration support, wireless drivers, and basic hardware troubleshooting. Call AppNet today to troubleshoot a problem or get your hospitality business set up with the best IT team in the region.