Our Story

Whether you are a doctor’s office, a construction company, a bakery, or a law firm, information is the foundation of your business. It is our business to keep you in business with maintenance, monitoring, installation, and repairs for all of your IT needs. Our mission is to provide secure, responsive, and reliable services through innovative technology.

Appalachian Network Services (AppNet) has been providing IT support to small- and medium-sized businesses in Western North Carolina since 2006. Our story began in a beautiful community in the mountains north of Asheville. Over the years, AppNet forged lasting relationships with its neighboring businesses, leveraging cutting edge technology to help them succeed. As these relationships strengthened and our reputation grew, our success and the expansion of our services ultimately led us to relocate to Asheville, NC.

In 2012, AppNet expanded to include a wide range of technology services focusing on university student housing. We design, implement, and maintain wired and wireless networks and security systems, and provide guest support for hospitality services.

Our growth in this industry has been built upon long-lasting and trust-based relationships with our clients, which gives us an intimate understanding of their principal IT needs and challenges. We consistently merge client feedback with our expertise to structure our products and services, enabling us to become a valuable resource for all of our customers.